We wish all our readers a very happy and spiritually enlightening new A lot of exciting changes are happening in the magazine. To begin:

Instead of the lecture by Srila Prabhupada, we will present his views on one particular theme. This issue has “India” as its theme. In the following months we shall explore themes like “The Insurmountable Material Energy,” “No Time A Chronic Disease,” “Income Tax, Sales Tax, Wealth Tax Simply Tax, Tax, Tax,” etc.

A common complaint of people in this age is that religion involves a lot of rituals. Many find these rituals empty and meaningless. For example, how do you explain the breaking of coconuts before a ceremony, lighting a row of lamps during Diwali, wearing a particular cloth  for worship, etc.? These and other rituals will be scanned and examined in our new feature, The Empty Envelope. An envelope is supposed to carry your letter and is the main vehicle of your emotions and feelings. Imagine your anger at receiving an empty envelope. Similarly rituals performed without the vital ingredient of love of God may fail to bestow the proper reciprocation on the performer. Readers are also welcome to either send their requests for particular rituals to be scanned for their explanations.

Why Do People Become Atheists ?

BTG will examine one non-intellectual and ten intellectual reasons for people choosing atheism. This will be a multi-part article series spread over many issues.

We also have a newly revamped commentary on the issues of the day called VEDIC OBSERVER. We shall be giving our views on events from the point of view of Bhagavad-gita  and Srimad-Bhagavatam. Readers are welcome to select and send any particular news item for our comment.

Do let us know how far these changes help you to get a better grip on your life to progress on the path of spiritual life.  (Syamananda Dasa)