Notes transcribed from a lecture given September 4, 1966

To begin to understand the Truth, one must surrender oneself, because surrender is the beginning of spiritual life. Ultimately, we must surrender to God. To do this, one should find a bonafide spiritual master and question him, just as Arjuna questioned Lord Krishna. The disciple should also render service to the master.

Material life is based on false ego. One thinks, "I am this," or, "I am that," leading ultimately to "I am God." Man is an insignificant spiritual spark, but he is puffed up with imaginary thoughts of what he is. He thinks he is moving the sun, but he cannot overcome even a toothache.

There are two kinds of energy: prakriti and purusha. Prakriti is the passive or female principle, and purusha is the active or male principle. Purusha is the enjoyer; prakriti is the enjoyed. Purusha is the predominator; prakriti is the predominated.

Living entities are prakriti. They may think that they are the enjoyers, but their true function is to be enjoyed. They think that they are the predominators, but their true function is to be predominated.

Living beings are a form of energy. Where there is energy, there must be a field for the energy. The body is the field and the soul is the knower and the owner. One thinks, "This is my hand," or, "This is my ear," but who is this "I?" It is pure spirit soul. That which is "mine" is the field. Every individual soul has a different field of activities.

Krishna said, "Know Me as the Knower of all fields." So there are two knowers, Krishna and myself. But Krishna knows more than I. Although I know what goes on in my body and mind (to an extent), I do not know what goes on in yours. In this way, my knowledge is limited. Krishna knows everything that goes on everywhere. His knowledge is not limited, and that is the difference between us.

Krishna sits with everyone as a friend. It is like two birds in a tree. One bird eats the fruit of the tree while the other bird sits and watches. We are like the bird that eats, while Krishna is the other bird, watching and waiting for us to turn to Him.

People who worship a Personal God accept this duality of individual soul and Super Soul. When the individual entity dovetails his own consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness, he becomes superconsciousness. In the spiritual world, all consciousnesses are in resonance.

God is all-pervading. He is in all of the many universes. He is in every atom and in every living being.