There is a nice example
When I was flying from San Francisco
The plane was flying
Above the cloud ocean.
When I came first from India
I saw the water ocean
And the cloud ocean is just the same,
Round all round.
Above the cloud is the sun
And though we came down through the cloud
And everything in New York is cloudy,
Still, above the cloud
The sun is shining.
Cloud cannot cover the whole world
It can't even cover
The whole United States,
Which is not even more
Than a speck in the universe.
From the sky
The skyscrapers are very tiny;
From God's position
All this nonsense becomes insignificant.
I, the living entity,
Am very insignificant,
And my tendency is to come down.
The sun hasn't got
The come-down tendency.
The Supreme Lord doesn't come down
To Maya, or under the cloud.
But we have the tendency
To be controlled by Maya.

Do you know how Maya kicks?
The she-ass kicks the male ass
When he comes for sex.
Among the cats they fight and whine.
These are the teachings of Nature
She tricks. It is like the capture of an elephant.
He is caught in the forest
By use of a trained she-elephant 
Who leads him
And makes him fall into a pit.

versified by Damodara das Adhikary (Dan Clark)