Srila Prabhupada rang his bell. I went at once to his room and offered by obeisances. When I sat up, his eyes widened. Looking at me with great concern, he pointed to the floor near my legs and said, "Do you see that bug?"

After looking around for a few moments, I finally spotted the small insect. I nodded in agreement, having no idea what was to come next.

In a very serious voice His Divine Grace said, "I have been watching that bug for some time now, and he has not moved. I think he is hungry. Get a prasadam flower and put him on it to take him outside. Put him on a plant outside so he can get some nourishment."

I did what my most merciful Guru Maharaja asked and returned to the servant's quarters.

Neither of us spoke of the bug again. It was just another wonderful occasion in which he showed me just how indiscriminately merciful a pure devotee is. His Divine Grace didn't feel it was a waste of time to transcendentally mitigate the suffering of even the smallest of living creatures.

– Excerpt from a work in progress by Srutakirti Dasa