“Rules ah! Don’t mention them. Too many of them have spoiled my life.”

No one likes to follow rules; everyone loves to break them. It appears they restrict one’s freedom.
The above picture tells us the nature of rules and regulations. A naive observer might think, “Why is the kite being restricted by a thread, why not let it fly freely high in the sky?” But a careful observation will reveal that the thread is what helps the kite to rise above and fly freely. Cut off the thread, and the kite will helplessly fall to the ground. 
Rules and regulations help us discipline our lives. It may seem impossible to enjoy freedom while being subjected to control. But far from restricting freedom, rules and principles help us enjoy greater freedom than we can imagine. 
A life without values and principles is no better than the life of an animal. But when our life is guided by divine wisdom words of scriptures and great saints one can fly high like the kite, soaring way beyond the petty temptations of this world.