Football and Life

The football fever is on…
FIFA has taken the world by storm!
Stealthily, it has crept into every home,
Mesmerizing people young and old!
Spectators are in frenzy,
The game is driving fans crazy!
But what about the unsung hero of the game,
The battered football, discarded at tha end,
Because "New Game New Ball" is the trend?
Human lives are also fooball games,
We are just footballs with different names,
Inflated like the ball, We think ourselves great,
Till bruised and bleeding we meet our fate!
Life begins by being kicked out of the womb,
And the kicks continue till we reach our tomb!
Football games are played for name and fame,
But this life game is our badge of shame!
No game can just go on forever,
When the whistle is blown, it's all over!
Our life too follows the same rule,
Do you really want to live in ignorance like a fool?
And why get mauled like the football in the game?
Mahaprabhu has given us the holy name,
That will award us Krishna – prema.
Guru – asraya should be our sole aim,
Only he can guide us through this difficulty game.
Life will then become a happy journey,
Immune from Maya's tourney!
This world will no longer be a globe of doom,
Vaikuntha will descend and make it bloom.
Become Krishna Conscious this very day,
And live your life in a glorious way!
Focus on Krishna's name, beauty and fame,
Till you join Him in His eternal game!