Angery Persons

The more we realize the value of human opportunity, 
the more we will be careful to avoid misusing it.
Do Not Miss the Opportunity
One should be very careful to understand that this human life is attained after many, many births in the evolutionary process.
(Bhagavatam 4.29 1a–2a)
Those who have taken to Krishna consciousness should be very careful that not a single moment is wasted and that not a single moment is spent without chanting and remembering the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His activities.
(Bhagavatam 5.8.29, purport)
Care About Cleanliness
One should always be careful to keep his body clean by bathing, brushing teeth, shaving, changing clothes, etc. As far as internal cleanliness is concerned, one should always remember the holy names of God and chant Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.
(Gita 16.7, purport)
Careful About Real Enemies
One should be very careful of these three enemies to human life: lust, anger and greed. The more a person is freed from lust, anger and greed, the more his existence becomes pure. Gita 16.22, purport
Hear from the Right Source
People should be very careful of these nonsensical sampradayas. To get some facility for sense gratification, unfortunate people in this age receive mantras from these so-called sampradayas. 
(Bhagavatam 4.17.5, purport)
Dealing with Others
A slight insult for a respectable family is sufficient to invoke grief. Therefore, a cultured man should always be careful in dealing with worshipful family members. 
(Bhagavatam 1.7.46, purport)
The Greatest Offense
One is sure to get free from the reactions of sins provided one is very careful about not committing sins willingly in expectation of getting free from the reactions of sins by worshiping in the temple or by offering prayers in the church. This mentality of committing sins willfully on the strength of devotional service is called namno balad yasya hi papa-buddhim, and it is the greatest offense in the discharge of devotional service. Hearing, therefore, is essential in order to keep oneself strictly on guard against such pitfalls of sins.
(Bhagavatam 2.4.15, purport)
Caution Against Impertinence
Although one may be well versed in the transcendental science, one should be careful about the offense of maryada-vyatikrama, or impertinently surpassing a greater personality. According to scriptural injunction one should be very careful of transgressing the law of maryada-vyatikrama because by so doing one loses his duration of life, his opulence, fame and piety and the blessings of all the world . . . The Lord never tolerates the impertinence of maryada-vyatikrama. One should never pass over the honor due to an elderly spiritual master in the interests of one’s own personal gain and fame. Impertinence on the part of the pseudo spiritual master is very risky to progressive spiritual realization. 
(Bhagavatam 3.4.26, purport)
Dangers in Marital Relationships
As soon as the wife becomes proud of her parentage, her pride creates great misunderstanding between the husband and wife, and their nuptial life is ruined. . . The most sinful activity for a wife is to accept another husband or another lover. 
(Bhagavatam 3.23.3, purport)

Egostic Person

Ego Threats
Any inattentiveness or carelessness may cause falldown. This falldown is due to false ego. From the status of pure consciousness, the false ego is born because of misuse of independence. We cannot argue about why false ego arises from pure consciousness. Factually, there is always the chance that this will happen, and therefore one has to be very careful.
Choose the Right Association
Material life means eat, drink, be merry and enjoy, with no concern for understanding one’s spiritual identity and the process of spiritual advancement. Since materialistic people are concerned with the tongue, belly and genitals, if anyone wants to advance in spiritual life he must be very careful about associating with such people. To associate with such materialistic men is to commit purposeful suicide in the human form of life.
Dangers of Opposite Sex
A grhastha, vanaprastha, sannyasi and brahmachari should be very careful when associating with women. One is forbidden to sit down in a solitary place even with one’s mother, sister or daughter. 
(Bhagavatam 5.6.3, purport)
We must be very careful to avoid anything scandalous in our dealings, and always keep to the highest standards of respect and courtesy. So kindly deal with such matters in future with great caution and tactfully so that our Movement may not get a bad reputation, especially among people who are very sensitive to such things. 
(Letter to Amogha, Madras, February 15, 1972)
Dealing with the Spiritual Master
Acaryam mam vijaniyan: the Supreme Personality of Godhead says that one should respect the spiritual master, accepting him as the Lord Himself. Navamanyeta karhicit: one should not disrespect the acarya at any time. Na martya-buddhyasüyeta: one should never think the acarya an ordinary person. Familiarity sometimes breeds contempt, but one should be very careful in one’s dealings with the acarya.
Caution with Accepting Charity
Devotees should not accept charity from anyone unless they intend to spend it in Krishna’s service. For a devotee to accept donations just to satisfy his belly is a great sin. Brahmanas and sannyasis who accept charity from others must accept it with great caution. According to the Vedic social structure, only the brahmachari, sannyasi, and brahmana are allowed to collect money in charity. An ordinary householder must not. The brahmachari may collect alms from the public for serving his spiritual master, and a sannyasi may collect money for serving God, Krishna.
(A Second Chance, Chapter 17)