Let my fingers feel the beads, with which I repeat and count His Holy Name
Let my eyes behold the sight of His Lotus Feet
Let my ears hear the sounds of His Glory
Let my nose smell the incense offered to Him with love
Let my tongue taste the remnant food eaten with His Holy Mouth
Let me always engage my body in activities which are centered around Him.
Whatever I may possess at a time, let me give it in His Service,
For I am that eternal perceiver behind this fleeting matter; not that I am finger or nose or eye,
Which I may possess only for a while and then by the Laws of Nature must give up
That constant "I" remains while the possessions always change.
These fleeting things I can never keep for myself.
The only thing I can keep forever is my choice to love Him or not.
Krishna is one companion Who, if I choose, will never leave my consciousness.
He is the Eternal Friend of everyone, giving the Choice:
I may choose another forgetful body,
Or use this one to understand the Divine.
Let me act for Krishna, talk for Krishna and think of Krishna
Forever and with love.

Madhusudan das Brahmachary (Michael Blumert)