World Holy Name Week a Global Success

At least forty-three different ISKCON temples around the world celebrated World Holy Name Week from September 17th to 26th this year, in a variety of creative ways.

Participating centers included Toronto in Canada; The Bhakti Centre on Australia’s Gold Coast; New Varshana near Auckland, New Zealand; Bhaktivedanta Manor near London in the UK; locations in Indonesia, Ukraine, Brazil, and Singapore; and dozens of centers throughout India.

”This year, the Week started on September 17th, the appearance day of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura, who is considered the Seventh Goswami and the pioneer of spreading the Holy Names in the modern world,” says Global Communications Secretary Divyanama Dasa.

He continues, “The 18th was the disappearance day of Srila Haridasa Thakura, Namacarya himself. The 19th was Srila Prabhupada’s sannyasa anniversary, when he accepted the renounced order of life to spread the Holy Names. And the 26th, the last day of World Holy Name Week, was the anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s arrival in the West.”

Devotees in the Mall Attack in Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya: Two ISKCON devotees were victims of the terrorist attack that happened inside a mall on September 21. One was a young boy, who was present when the terrorists opened fire. He ran for his life and bravely jumped from the second floor, and by Krishna’s mercy escaped from the mall within an hour with a sprained leg. Another was a Mataji who fortunately was able to hide in one part of the mall for six hours before she was rescued by the Kenyan Defense force. With Krishna’s grace, all devotees were safe and sound.

ISKCON Venezuela Remodeled Caracas, Venezuela: ISKCON devotees here have recently finished remodeling their temple and restaurant, with beautiful results. The two-storey temple, with its Govinda’s Gift Shop, looks elegant and inviting, matching the rest of the neighborhood. The complex also includes a restaurant named the Hare Krishna Congregational Dining Room, which was reviewed by prestigious newspaper El Nacional upon its opening in 2011.

Tulasi Worship Inside Prison

Bhakta Tim, a former inmate, was recently released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Rochester, Minnesota — but not before planting over thirty Tulasis and establishing worship of the sacred plant there.

Tim was first introduced to Krishna consciousness way back in 1973, while still a high school senior in Columbus, Ohio. He had always been stumped by the Christian notion that God condemns one to eternal damnation with no opportunity for rehabilitation. And he found solace and answers to his questions upon meeting an ISKCON devotee and receiving a copy of Back to Godhead magazine.

President of India Lays Foundation Stone of Lord Caitanya Museum

On 16th of September 2013, the President of India, Honorable Mr. Pranab Mukherjee graced the Bagbazar Gaudiya Mission (Kolkata, India) by placing the first stone on the base of Lord Chaitanya Museum.

The ceremony was followed by speeches, lunch and a prestigious Vaishnava conference.

Goloka Education Releases Sanskrit Curriculum for Primary Schools

Goloka Education, a company established in New Zealand and now based in Mumbai, India, is just about to publish the second printing of its Samskrta Vidyarambhah Part 1, the first volume in its new Sanskrit Curriculum for primary schools. The company previously released its Samsrkta Citra Kosah, an accompanying Sanskrit picture dictionary, in December.

Established last year on April 24th on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, Goloka Education aims to develop cutting edge educational resources based on Vaishnava and Vedic teachings. It also develops teacher training programs and helps ISKCON schools and other international schools in their policy, implementation, and set-up.

IPL Chairman Receives Bhagavad-gita

Mr.Rajiv Shukla, Member of Parliament, IPL Chairman and BCCI Vice President, received a copy of Bhagavadgita at the ISKCON temple in Juhu, Mumbai.

Lion-Man Avatar Game got Approval from Apple

On Janmastami day, Avatari Games Team launched their first Lion- Man Avatar game based on Prahlada-Narsimhadeva pastime on the Apple Store. You can download the Lion- Man Avatar game from: