Yamuna Save

Govinda's Sweet Shop Opens in Tanzania Arusha, Tanzania: On March 29, 2013, the Govinda's sweet shop and gift shop was inaugurated here in Arusha. "The reason for a sweet shop and gift shop is to break the ice and to break the stereotype of ISKCON being only a contemporary Asian Temple, irrelevant to local Tanzanians," Venu Madhurya Dasa, Arusha centre leader explained. 
New ISKCON Vrindavan TV to Broadcast Worldwide Vrindavan, UP: ISKCON Vrindavan has established IVTV (ISKCON Vrindavan Television) to broadcast worldwide via satellite television. Broadcasts have started worldwide on different TV channels, including Disha Channel, Sanatan Channel, Shradha Channel, MATV, and Tata Sky. 
ISKCON Purchases Srila Prabhupada's Birthplace Kolkata, WB: Devotees in Kolkata have purchased Srila Prabhupada's birthplace and plan to develop it as a beautiful memorial to the ISKCON Founder-acarva. The jackfruit tree, which stands over the cottage and still bears fruit, was present when Srila Prabhupada was born 117 years ago. 
New Documentary on the Plight of Yamuna: A forthcoming documentary by writer, director and producer Krishna-lila Dasi (Krisztina Danka) highlights the plight of the Yamuna river, through the lives of children interconnected with it. The over an hour-long documentary explains how 97% of the sacred Yamuna is held back by an irrigation dam in the state of Haryana, and the rest is completely replaced with sewage and industrial waste in Delhi. "We are making this film to serve the holy people and the dhiun«, but most importantly, to give voice to the voiceless," Krishna-lila says.
German Kuli Mela : Between 300 and 500 gurukulis – members of ISKCON's second generation – are expected to gather at this year's Kuli Mela in Germany from August 7-11. This year, it will take place on ISKCON's 17-hectare Simhachalam farm, situated in the Bavarian Forest and conveniently located in the center of Europe.