Temple of Vedic Planetarium (ToVP) now on Film
Mayapur, WB: On September 5, a new half an hour long film on the ToVP, ISKCON’s most ambitious project, has been released documenting the first steps in realizing this unique project worth the world’s attention.
Special Preinitiation Training in Mayapur
Mayapur, WB: More than 8000 devotees from different districts in West Bengal and Orissa visited Mayapur to participate in a systematic training course for developing their spiritual life. They are following the siksa program that the ISKCON GBC has recommended. It consists of five different levels: shraddhavan, krishna-sevaka, krishna-sadhaka, Srila Prabhupada ashraya and Sri-guru-carana-ashraya.
Special Service in Honor of Sikhs Killed
Honolulu, Hawaii: On August 19, ISKCON Hawaii hosted a special service in honor of the six Sikhs killed and four wounded at a shooting in a gurudvara in Wisconsin, USA, on August 5. ISKCON has expressed its condolences and support of its brothers and sisters in the Sikh community since the attack.
New Krishna-Balarama Mandir Opens in Botswana 
Gaborone, Botswana: Between 600 and 1,500 people are expected every day at the three-day grand opening of ISKCON’s new Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama Mandir in Botswana, Southern Africa. 
Festival of Colors Explodes in New Vrindaban
Moundsville, WV, USA: On September 15, over 1,000 peoplemostly very inquisitive young, white American students from local universitiesattended New Vrindaban’s first-ever public Holi celebration. “This event is a wonderful opportunity to present the Holy Name of Krishna in a way which attracts everyone,” says Jaya Krishna, the temple president here.
Nueva Vraja Mandala, Spain’s Farm Community
A vibrant community of 40 devotees is situated in this 300-hectare farm. They have 12 cows and 2 bulls that provide the milk for the milk sweets and curd used in the daily Deity offerings. The Deities, Sri-Sri Radha-Govinda Chandra and Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai, are dressed in the outfits bedecked with hand-sewn jewels and embroidery. Many of the outfits are sewn by the devotees, and some are made in India.
Ratha-yatra Celebrations
Philadelphia: On September 22, ISKCON Philadelphia celebrated both Ratha-yatra and Radhastami combined. Several thousand festival-goers got the unique opportunity to hand-pull three opulently decorated, 20-foot-high chariots of Sri Pancha-tattva, Sri Sri Radha Sharad-vihari, and Sri Sri Jagannatha Baladeva and Subhardra. 
"The Stolen River": Film about River Yamuna
"The Stolen River" reveals the heartbreaking gap between the former storied majesty of the Yamuna and the negligence and irresponsibility of humankind towards the river today. To lear more about the subject and to get involved please visit www.SaveYamuna.org.
Contributed by Madhava Smullen, Sevini Dasi, and Krishna Dasi