Sri Sri Rukmini Dvarkadhisa come to Mauritius

Every Town and Village

Nov. 29, Triolet, Mauritius: Thousands of devotees attended the opening of the new ISKCON temple here.Among the guests were senior ISKCON leaders and Mauritius Government Minister Shri Anil Kumar Bachoo, who addressed the assembled devotees in the packed temple room. The President of the Republic of Mauritius, His Excellency Sir Anirudh Jagannath was happy to hear about the opening and agreed to visit the temple in the future.

ISKCON London Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Every Town and Village

November 16–22, London: ISKCON devotees celebrated the Society’s 40th anniversary in UK with a week long festival. Attended by the devotee congregation and members of the public, the week also drew over 1,300 prominent VIP guests from the faith community and the worlds of politics, business, and entertainment.

 Ratha-yatra Celebrated Los Angeles, USA: ISKCON  conducted its Annual Festival of the Chariots Parade on August 2.  Many of the local TV stations were also on hand to take in and pass on the sight to their viewers.

Gopala-champu Gets A New Translation

Every Town and Village

Chennai, TN: A new edition of Srila Jiva Goswami’s Gopala-champu, translated from the original Sanskrit by ISKCON guru and GBC Bhanu Swami, has just been published by ISKCON Chennai.

“A champu is a literary composition mixing poetry and prose,” Bhanu Swami explains in his preface to Gopala-champu, “Displaying literary ornaments and various verse forms, it often uses words with double meaning.”

New Film On Safari Mayapur, WB: A new documentary film series by Vasudeva Dasa, entitled No Suffering on Safari: The Bangladesh Experience was premiered this October in ISKCON’s Mayapur complex. The film follows a 2008 ISKCON preaching tour and pilgrimage to various towns and Vaishnava holy places in Bangladesh.

ISKCON FFL Wins Indian National Child Health Award

The ISKCON Food Relief Foundation of Mumbai was presented this month with a National Child Health Award from the first ever Lifebuoy National Child Health Symposium. Midday-Meal program has been serving over 100,000 nutritious vegetarian meals per day to under privileged children since 2004.