14 October: On the divine disappearance day of Srila Prabhupada the first Iraq Rathayatra was held in a US Army base camp being organised by Parthasarathi Dasa, a grand disciple of Srila Prabhupada.
He reports: From the first light, people were waiting for the Lord's darsana. At around 12 noon the Lord made His appearance, much to the pleasure of all assembled. About 50-75 souls, hungry and eager for the Lord's mercy, chanted and danced. A simple feast of dal and rice and Ratnabhusana Dasa's famous cookies filled everyone's stomach. Though the procession was not a long distance and everything was very simple, I feel the efforts of all involved and all those that attended were the true offering. Many came away from this Ratha yatra with a deeper understanding of spiritual life and for a moment, Iraq was transformed into Vaikuntha.
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Rathyatra in Iraq

Last summer when Adhoksaja Dasi (Alexi Vincent) grew a 52 kg pumpkin, who knew what fate it brought with it? Having developed an appreciation for Krsna consciousness, she just wasn't inspired to cut the large pumpkin, instead she spiritualised the entire event by painting it with the beautiful smile of Lord Jagannatha.
The Ojai Valley News published a small photo of Adhoksaja Dasi, as she painted the pumpkin with three local neighbourhood children looking on.
The devotees thought that it was the end of the lila. However, to their great surprise, they discovered Lord Jagannatha reappeared in the Fall 2007 edition of the Ojai Visitors' Guide in a fantastic photo with Adhok1aja Dasi sitting right next to Him.
Now every visitor to Ojai who picks up this welcoming magazine gets the benediction of seeing Lord Jagannatha smile upon them as they enter the little village.