Israel: Recently, Sheikh Hussein Aberukun, one of the most influential leaders of the Druze community in Israel, had a look at the Arabic translations of Srila Prabhupada's books and was enthralled by the information contained in it. He recommended the book "The Science of Self Realization" to all readers serious about trying to know God.
He said, "There is no doubt that the reader of the book feels himself to be standing in front of a spiritual giant who is embracing everything …. Swami Prabhupada explains the true understanding of God, who is the common denominator of all humanity and of all causes of creation from a stone, up to vegetation, up to animals and, finally, human beings. And this knowledge justifies the revulsion and the criminality of killing and eating flesh of innocent creatures which were created by God. The Lord is one, and all the peoples of this world must become like equal brothers, and all His teachings are based on Krsna consciousness the most purifying device for the soul of a man, … Mantras are practiced for perfect inner cleanliness and for the washing of the brain."
"All of this makes someone who finishes reading this book a completely different person than he was when he began. The book is an asset that closes gaps between religions and answers cloudy questions sometimes with delightful and enjoyable dialogue. "
Druze is a religious sect that accepts the concept of transmigration of the soul, or reincarnation. Their histories are cyclical and date back hundreds of millions of years, with descriptions of incarnations of God in a human form appearing at regular intervals. This corresponds to Vedic literature and contrasts the traditions of Mideast religions. Druze refer to themselves as muwahidoon, "the one, eternal religion," or in Vedic terminology, Sanatana-dharma.

Damodara Pandita Dasa Reading Bhagavad-Gita To A Blast Victim

Mumbai, July 11: Devotees in Bhakti vedanta Hospital extended heartfelt care and counseling, apart from the medical treatment, to the victims and family members of the train bomb blasts that shook the financial capital of India.
While the surgeons and the doctors worked tirelessly, the spiritual care team members went to the patients, chanting the holy names loudly, reading from Bhagavad gita, offering heartfelt prayers, Ganga water, and tulas, leaves. The devastated relatives of the dead were offered consolation; devotees spent hours with them helping them accept the tragic reality. Volunteers from many social groups arrived to help in guiding the crowd, arranging blood, relaying information, and serving prasadam. Hundreds of relatives heard the message from Bhagavad gita in rapt attention, describing the inevitable reality of life, and attended the prayer sessions. The anxiously waiting crowd of hundreds of people received breakfast,lunch, and dinner prasadam. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude for all the hospitality.
The policemen were saying repeatedly that they had never seen such well coordinated services in the most chaotic conditions, maintaining such high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Various politicians like the Health Minister of Maharashtra visited the hospital and appreciated the se rvices of the staff to the victims of bomb blast. They specifically appreciated the clean, peaceful, and well organized atmosphere of the hospital.
Imphal, 16 August. Unknown terrorists hurled grenades during the Janmagami celebrations in ISKCON Manipur killing four devotees and wounding forty. The festival mandapa was packed with more than thousand devotees who were watching Manipuri dance performance of Lord Krsna's pastimes, when the attack took place. A second grenade that did not go off was found an hour later at the most crowded area of the temple near the altar. His Holiness Bhahi Svarupa Damodara Swami Maharaja was among the injured. His conditioned is reported to be stable. 
"We are sickened and greatly saddened by this horrible, vicious act," said Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON's Minister for Communications. "The victims were innocent devotees of God. There is no excuse for such wanton acts of violence. We pray for the victims and their families and we pray that Lord Krsna will soon lift the terrible veils of hatred and violence that is covering our world."