World lay at her feet, poise of a queen, 
Treasures galore, beauty unseen, 
So quaint, so demure, so grand, so secure, 
Heiress to endless fortune and yet so pure! 
Suddenly a roar from a distance she hears,
Nothing she gathered that could question her endures. 
Thunder and lightning tore every instinct,
Hearing the words of the demon loud and distinct! 
Demanded her due, also stated her rights, 
When nothing worked she pleaded and cried. 
No heed no say from her pillars of strength,
All heads hung low of unchivolrous men
Disgust, pride and rage were now her might, 
Helping in this dark hour, to put up a fight. 
Was like trying to empty the ocean with a pail,
All determination and courage proved frail! 
Now knowing that only her Lord could save her,
To Him she called out in completer surrender. 
By His will and energy, He performed a miracle,
To save Draupadi from this terrible debacle!