Children of God

They're meant to experience a life of sublime bliss. So are you. All it takes is awareness.

BACK TO GODHEAD is the only popular magazine devoted to the joys of spiritual awareness. Each month, BACK TO GODHEAD brings you the transcendental outlook on topics as diverse as cooking and the teachings of the mystics, topics as important as education and world affairs, and topics as exciting as psychic phenomena, meditation techniques and the youth movement.

Each month, BACK TO GODHEAD features reviews of books by Alan Watts, Huxley, Nietzsche, Hesse, Buber, Timothy Leary, and others, as well as exclusive, personal interviews with some of the most creative and influential personalities of today, such as George Harrison, Allen Ginsberg, and the Beach Boys. And, in all it does, BACK TO

GODHEAD offers you the unique and stimulating perspective of spiritual self knowledge.

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This year, give yourself more than just a toy. Give yourself awareness.