Cat And Death

When a mouse is in the mouth of a cat, the mouse sees the cat as death personified. It’s fearful and struggles to get away from the cat. The cat carries its kitten in the same mouth. The kitten’s perception is totally different. It sees the cat as the most protective loving mother. It’s because the kitten has surrendered to the cat and is fully dependent on her love.
Ultimately through the power of time we all have to meet death. Devotees see the love, the grace, and the beauty of God in life and in death. Devotees whose intelligence is always concentrated upon the service of Lord are unafraid of death. They are ready to go back home, back to Godhead. Their perception is completely different from a person being taken away by Yamaraja, the Lord of Death, for a punishment. They simply see Krishna with love and gratitude, feeling His divine protection and divine love. They see that death is simply the door opening to the spiritual world. Therefore there is no fear. It is a promotion, like graduating.