We're very happy to be able to report that Swami Bhaktivedanta has been lecturing at various places in and around San Francisco during his visit there, including the Berkeley campus.

A donation of land has made it possible to begin plans for an ashram in Northern California.

A third Krishna Consciousness center has now been opened this one in Montreal, Canada. Although we don't have much to report on activities there as yet, we expect to make great strides in spreading the Samkirtan movement when that city's World's Fair, called "Expo 67," opens in April. We're hoping to have the Swami present at that time.

Krishna Consciousness has taken to the television airwaves both in San Francisco and New York. In the former case, a local station, KPIX, carried a program on the Haight-Ashbury section on Tuesday evening, February 21, in which Samkirtan and the temple were mentioned. In the case of New York, the station is CBS and the program "Eye On New York." Unfortunately, as this is being written, it's too early for us to say any more than that. In our next issue, however, we'll be able to consider the response to these endeavors.

In the meantime wouldn't you like to send us a letter? Our post man needs the work, and what's more we'd like to hear from you. Let us have your comments, suggestions and criticisms regarding the Samkirtan movement in general, and Back to Godhead in particular.

Hare Krishna.

The Editors.