This is the first edition of Back To Godhead to come off our presses. Although the difficulties involved in operating an offset press, especially in view of our inexperience, are great we nevertheless feel that this is only the first ray of a glistening future for the Society's publications department.

Our mission is to spread the Samkirtan movement, as it was inaugurated by Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu about 480 years ago. We mean to avail ourselves of every opportunity to do this, for it is the Lord's pleasure to have us thus devote ourselves to His loving service; and what's more, this is the only real act of love which one living entity can offer to another that is, the knowledge of Infinite God. And so we hope to perfect our publishing operations to the finest possible level of art and skill in every facet. And, because this is all in praise of Krishna, it is our delight, not our task, to do so.

Another medium which well served the Lord recently was television. On Thursday evening, May 25, Swami A. C. Bhaktivedanta and several of his disciples appeared on the Alan Burke Show, on New York's WNEW channel 5. The program was extremely well-received, and Mr. Burke's kindness and respect toward the Swami was most appreciated. Our deep thanks go to him for this great service.

Hare Krishna
The Editors