Build High Dig Deep

Skyscrapers are well-known for their deep foundations. The calculation of depth is primarily based on three things: the height of the building, the softness of the soil, and the severity of the weather conditions. As long as you have a good foundation, you can build as high as you like. 
The building of our life can rise high. We can adopt challenging projects, accept multiple responsibilities, tackle stressful situations and fly high in the skies of success … as long as we have deep spiritual foundations to balance it out. We should simultaneously be aware of the soft soil we are building on; inherent weakness of heart, flickering determination and a fragile mind are archetype characteristics of the aspiring spiritualist. 
The problem is not that we strive to do amazing things, but rather that we neglect to invest quality time in spiritually nourishing ourselves. As one is cemented in a deep sense of spirituality their ability to become an agent of positive change increases. They can rise high, impact the world, and still remain strong, steady and humble.