Bhaktivedanta Hospice

What Is Hospice?

Hospice is a professional medical institution which provides medical, social and spiritual care for terminally ill people and their close family members, till the last moment of the life of the patient and for some time thereafter.

Who can get admitted?

Those who are diagnosed to have an incurable and terminal disease can get admitted. Usual norm is when life expectancy is 6 months. Terminal disease Is that disease which may lead one to end of life.

What are types of care available hi Hospice?

Hospice provides 5types of care: —

a) In-Patient care – when patient gets admitted in Hospice.
b) Home Care – Is provided by the team of Hospice at the home of the patient. About 70% of the registered patients of Hospice receive services at their homes.
c) End-of-Life care – Is a very important aspect of Hospice services, offered at the event of death where spirituality becomes very prominent.
d) Respite Care when care-takers of the terminally Ill patient get exhausted physically and emotionally, the patient Is admitted in Hospice for maximum 15 days to provide a rejuvenating breakforthe caretakers.
e) Bereavement care is social and spiritual care provided for the bereaving relatives of the cieceased, upto 1.3 months after the death of the patient.

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