Benefits of Worshiping Tulsi Devi

Although we can never fully describe the glories of Tulasi Devi, an eternal associate of Lord Krsna, the scriptures give us a hint of the value of worshiping her. The following list comes from the Padma Purana.
o The leaves, flowers, roots, bark, branches, trunk, and shade of Tulasi Devi are all spiritual.
o One who puts mud from the base of the Tulasi tree on his body and worships the Deity of Lord Krsna gets the results of one hundred days' worship each day.
o One who offers a Tulasi manjari to Lord Krsna gets the benefit of offering all other varieties of flowers, and he goes to the abode of Krsna.
o One who sees or comes near a house or garden where the Tulasi plant is present gets rid of all his sinful reactions, including that of killing a brahmana.
o Lord Krsna happily lives in the house, town, or forest where Tulasi Devi is present.
o A house where Tulasi Devi is present never falls on bad times, and it becomes purer than all holy places.
o The fragrance of Tulasi Devi purifies all who smell it.
o Without Tulasi leaves, Lord Krsna does not like to accept flowers, food, or sandalwood paste.
o One who worships Lord Krsna daily with Tulasi leaves attains the results of all kinds of austerity, charity, and sacrifice. In fact, he has no other duties to perform, and he has realized the essence of the scriptures.
o One who puts into his mouth or on his head Tulasi leaves that have been offered to Lord Krsna attains Lord Krsna'S abode.
o In Kali yuga, one who worships, remembers, plants, keeps, or performs kirtana before Tulasi burns up all sinful reactions and quickly attains Lord Krsna's abode. 
o One who worships Lord Krsna with Tulasi leaves releases all his ancestors from the realm of birth and death.
o One who remembers the glories of Tulasi or tells others about them will never take birth again.