In the northern Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, India and Pakistan have drawn a Line of Control (LoC). One side is Indian territory and the other side is Pakistani territory. War breaks out when either side breaks the agreement and crosses the line.

A similar line exists among people or communities: it is called the Line of Respect (LoR). When this line is crossed, fights break out.

Have you ever travelled with a cake box? To the degree you handle it with care and respect, to that degree the impressive shape of the cake is retained till it reaches the destination. Time and familiarity make one careless and inattentive. Relationships are like that cake. The moment you lose respect and care and instead breed familiarity and contempt, you may find a perfect box but a mashed cake.

Kåñëa excused His cousin Sisupala a hundred times for crossing the LoR, because that was His promise to His aunt. But as soon as Sisupala crossed that number, He severed the relationship with His disc.

Important relationships should be preserved judiciously like a priceless jewel. When one mistakes priceless relationships to be artificial jewels and treats them like artificial jewels, one crosses the LoR.

Crossing the LoR harbingers the disc of time to sever the relationship forever.