Let thy soul shine forth
In the coming of this new age.
Krishna Kirtan is getting in full drone,
with the sound of
joyous voices and people dancing like
Merry Madmen chanting Hare Krishna.
Mass chanting Loud-Long-Hot-Fast-Hari Vol!
Where is the end or the beginning?
Only in us, not in Krishna
We need only be aware that we're
part of His Foreverness
So let's always chant His Name and forever
Partake of His Absoluteness and
Tell people everywhere Hare Krishna
Let thy soul shine forth
Display it for everyone
This is the way to be
Think of Krishna always GOD IS
WE ARE only in relation to Him.
Begin the course of "Full Knowledge."
Krishna Kirtan is the way to be

Madhusudan das Brahmachary (Michael Blumert)