Children Of God

Children of God

They're meant to experience a life of sublime bliss. So are you. All it takes is awareness.

BACK TO GODHEAD is the only popular magazine devoted to the joys of spiritual awareness. Each month, BACK TO GODHEAD brings you the transcendental outlook on topics as diverse as cooking and the teachings of the mystics, topics as important as education and world affairs, and topics as exciting as psychic phenomena, meditation techniques and the youth movement.

Next month, for example, we'll feature a look at the theory and practice of revolution, a revealing post-mortem on Transcendental Meditation, the retelling of a sublimely beautiful episode from the Vedic literature of India, a study of vegetarian and yogic dietary principles, recipes and quite a bit more. A future issue will be devoted entirely to an overall words-and-pictures study of the Vedic civilization of India, including camera views of the most holy of holy places, a review of the famed Bhagavad Gita (often called the New Testament of Hinduism), a consideration of God and the demigods of the Vedic Age, and other related features. And, in all that BACK TO GODHEAD does, you'll be able to enjoy the unique and stimulating perspective of spiritual self knowledge.

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Begin your journey back to total awareness, back to the sublime bliss of spiritual life with the May issue of BACK TO GODHEAD magazine.