Where are you now ? 
Savior of the universe,
Like a celestial swan 
you have taken flight—
Closing your pastimes, 
leaving us to the shelter 
of your example.

You have gone, 
and yet you remain, 
for your voice, vibrating in the wind,
will continue cutting the knots 
of illusion and attachment.
You have gone, 
and yet you remain, 
for your compassion continues to melt
The stone—and steel like hearts—
filling the world with love of God,
pouring forth sublime knowledge.

Now I understand 
that life doesn't end 
when the skin ends;
you made me see 
that the body is temporary 
but I am eternal.

By your grace I now know 
that I am not the owner
Of what I thought myself to be, 
and that the illusion of pleasure
Glides through my fingers 
without satisfying my desires.
By your grace I can see 
that the creation has a master
And that I am His servitor, 
and His friend as well.

Where are you now?
I know that you are there 
with Radha and Krsna in Their kingdom.
I know that you are here 
in your words of roses and fire.

I can't bear to think you are no longer here,
But when I do I feel your hand upon me
And your voice guiding me, 
as in the night the moon,
Lights the wanderer's way.

Where are you now?
I ask myself at every instant, 
and in relief my mind responds:
For him who serves you, 
you will always be here.

—by Prapanna dasa
(translated from Spanish by Jaya-jagadisa dasa)