Vrndavana's rivers, lakes, and hills
Rang out with lovely hums and trills 
As flocks of birds and maddened bees 
Rejoiced among the flow'ring trees.

To those idyllic woods and glens
Repaired Govinda with His friends,
Sri Rama and the cowherd boys,
To taste the most exquisite joys.

And as they walked along the way,
Absorbed in herding and in play,
Sri Krsna, beauty absolute,
Began to blow His mystic flute.

With peacock plume upon His head,
And small blue blossom on each ear,
He entered Vraja's woods with tread
Sublime – a dancer without peer.

His golden-yellow garments glowed,
His garland reached down to His knees,
And from His lips the nectar flowed
And filled His flute with melodies.

As Krsna thus began His day
With friends who sang His glories sweet, 
He beautified the forest way
With fine impressions of His feet.

(Inspired by Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.21.2, 5)