Modern science only corroborates the facts already presented in Srimad Bhagavatam 

Calculation of Time, from the Atom 

Third Canto Chapter 11: The calculation of time is given according to the movement (vibration ) of atoms. This is also the underlying principle of modern day atomic clocks. Divison of time is given in great det ail sta rring from one truti i.e. 8/13,500 of a second to one paksa- 15 days and go ing up to the lifetime of demigods which is thousands of years.


Third Canto Chapter 31: The development of a human embryo in the womb is described in such detail as if it is taken straight out of standard embryological textbooks. Many of these details became known to the modern physician only after discovery of ultra-sonography and sophisticated radiological techniques in the 80's. There is description not only of the physical development of the embryo but also of the evolution of it's consciousness

Principle of Cloning

Fourth Canto Chapters 14 and 15: By churning the dead body of King Vena according to a specific method, the sages produce three ind ividuals: Ba:huka, King Prthu and Queen Arci. Although the intricate deta ils a re not mentioned, the principle is very similar to modern day cloning which uses the genetic material from one cell to produce daugh ter cells.

Structure of universe, geography, and the planetary orbits  

Fifth Canto Chapters 16, 20-24: The cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana is a sophisticated system of t h ought , with multip le layers of meaning, both phys ical a nd metaphysical. It combines practical understanding of ast ronomy with spiritual concept ions to produce a meaningful picture of the universe and reality.