A Bag of Ashes

Who, oh, who has seen beyond death?
It’s a mystic experience, scriptures suggest!
Pain like the bite of 10,000 scorpions is felt,
When the soul leaves the body in which it dwelt.
The body lies there intact, but the person is declared dead,
What is the mystery behind this confusion, please do tell.
The answer is simple, unambiguous and clear,
There’s nothing to worry and nothing to fear.
We are souls transmigrating from one body to another,
It could be an ant, dog, hog or fish, human or any other.
According to our past deeds, we are given a new physical form,
You need not always be human is the norm.
Many are the misconceptions about life, death and thereafter,
Remember, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, is a final chapter.
Dear friends, understand for what his body is meant,
Do not waste your life pursuing sense enjoyment.
After all, this body is just a bag of blood, flesh, urine and stool,
And that’s not anything great or cool.
After the glamor, likes, dislikes and flash,
This body finally returns to mud and ash!