Dear Srila Prabhupada, On your disapperanace Day,
Sorely we miss you,
Your sincere disciples wanting to glorify you
Are lined up in a queue!
Some of them want to report
The progress of your Krishna Consciousness movement,
While others want to tell of their fights
To awaken spiritualism, that's dormant.
Walking down memory lane, 
Some are amassing heartfelt feeling,
Awash with tears and overwhelmed 
With your benevolent dealing!
Some are struggling to understand your vision,
others to live up to standard you set,
With the spiritual renaissance you named ISKCON,
You convinced all you met.
The kite of Krishna consciousness still flies high
In the sky of this material universe,
With the wind of your teaching and disciples
Who prech through condition good and adverse!
Having entered your universal home,
Will this neophyte understand Krishna-Prema and relish chanting?
I pray for devotees' blessing to progess spiritually 
And leave behind material wanting.
Your immense faith, when as a child you prayed,
"Please Krishna help us fly this kite!"
Touched my heart and transformed me,
For now I see you as my guiding light!
Hence the final destination of this mortal body
Is to vanish at interment
Let me make the best deal, being a tiny soldier
Of your Krishna Consciousness movement.