Paramhansa of the nectar lake
Did You Your own True Love forsake,
Leaving His sweet and fragrant breast
To come to this world of birth and death?

Or is this a helping hand You lend
While this world of matter You transcend?
I am perplexed. Please, let it be known:
Have You come to take me home?

My feeble memory cannot recall
Did I once in anger slip and fall?
If there is Truth, then tell me, where?
From this I'll turn: go with You there!

Tell me please of life's true goal
So I may cleanse the dust from my soul,
And from this humbly let me start
To nourish the spark of life within my heart.

Your blessings I crave as now I see
Your love can teach infinity
And of the mercy that therein lies
For this my twice-born soul does cry.

So tell me please of Vrindaban
and the Blue Boy, yes, the Gentle One
Known as Krishna, Devaki's Son.
To His Abode I long to run!

KRISHNA! Yes that is the Name
And the reason why to Your Feet I came.
I pray I'll hear KRISHNA wherever I go
With sounds of cymbals and HARI VOL!

Now tell me of His jewelled throne
And how He dances with His Gopis alone,
Oh, and how His flute notes fill the air.
Tell me this in loving prayer.

I see in nectar that You swim
While herding Surabhi cows with Him
Tell the beauty of His lotus flowers
And His Strength and Fame and Mystic powers!

And of devotees whom He holds so dear
In Vaikuntha His abode where there is no fear.
Do tell! Are His features like the moon?
Tell it sweetly, lest I swoon.

Now unto Your Lotus Feet I'll cling
Lest I be whipped by Maya's sting.
Even the dust at Your Grace's Feet,
As I bow down, tastes nectar-sweet.

O Paramhansa of our land,
I see in glory You do stand.
Ten thousand times a day I beg
Let me thank You for Your helping hand!


Patit Uddharan
(ISKCON New York)
Tell the beauty of His lotus flowers
Read Guru Purnam-July 24, 1969