Moving Ahead In Iskcon Education

Our eternal relationship with God can be revived in the human form of life, and that should be the goal of education.  Indeed, that is the perfection of life and the perfection of education.” Srila Prabhupada (S.B. 7.6.2.)

We all know the present need of our society.  The Vedic teachings have always emphasized the purity of thought, words and deeds through the cultivation of values.  India is often addressed as a holy land due to her rich cultural heritage that has been brought about by the practice of the Vedic system.  However, due to the influence of modern civilization there has been substantial erosion of such a cultural and ethical base.  There is a pressing need to preserve our rich cultural heritage and act as model for the entire human society. 

Good quality education is the foundation for developing a healthy human society.  It is through education only that the younger generations learn to appreciate the values and culture of society.

Srila Prabhupada was very concerned about Vedic education.  He said, “Child worship is more important than deity worship.  The child is the father of man, so the basic principle is to instruct children from the very beginning in Krishna consciousness.  Children will then grow to be the topmost leaders of human society.” Gurukulas are orientated towards bringing out the best in each child, and nourishing their ethical and spiritual background.

The All India Bhaktivedanta Swami Literary Quiz aimed at doing just that.  The Quiz, held in temples all around India in July, was a joint venture of ISKCON Vrindavana, ISKCON Pune, and the Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School, Vrindavana. The aims and objectives of the program were to identify, enthuse and unite ISKCON children all over the world, through the in-depth study of Srila Prabhupada’s books. Next year, the quiz will go world-wide. The questions, organized by Krishna Kisora Dasa and his educational team in Pune, were excellently put together. The participants found it a real challenge.

Some of the gifts the winners will receive are a month long IYF summer camp at ISKCON Pune, a baby calf from the ISKCON Vrindavana gosala, a set of Bhagavad-gita and Krishna Book for their school library, their own Srila Prabhupada murti for worshiping, etc.

Winners would receive their gifts in Sri Vrindavana Dham during Kartika (October).

Ananda Vrindavanesvari Devi Dasi is the Director of the Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School in Vrindavana.  She can be contacted on
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