Great whirling disc of Krishna

sitting i a sunlit time ago
ocean feet over
norte churned up water
your wishes are plump oranges
and magic flowers.

you that the spray nuzzles
in among the conch shells
well wisher to the several hebrew turtles
may they live a thousand eons!
(just my toes scraping coral
barracuda unborn mind)
the spirit omnipresent…
(it was the arm
lifting the sailboat over the barbwire moon.) 
simply. simply. more slowly.
did you not hear the gods
flying round the landed quest?
your flowers blew in on the wind
and made a roof
for my house of palm.
bengal poet is a sandcrab
shell shaped food for cosmo
Krishna beings
vegetables and fruits from seas
enormous heart.
happy Herdsboy ocean melting unity.
our bicycles shall gobble up
tibetan trails

Ted J. Berk