The glorious Gita and beautiful Bhagavatarn
are the summumbonum
They inform of us of the Absolute Truth
the Supreme Person who sweetly plays the flute 

Sri Krishna, the Lord lotus eyed
as Mahaprabhu Caitanya he appeared
to deliver conditioned beings
from the darkness of material sufferings 

Jaya Prabhupada, to whom we will ever be grateful
All glories to Bhaktivedanta Swami,
so merciful Lord Caitanya's message worldwide he spread
So many human lives he saved 

Regulative principles of bhakti-yoga
Sixteen rounds of rnaha-rnantra japa
Serve all and every Vaishnava
That is our Dharma 

Honoring Krishna prasada only,
Struggling to be in the mode of goodness daily,
From shastric study, does knowledge flow,
Only with service rendered does realization grow. 

Read Srila Prabhupada's books I will,
and listen to his lectures,
Chant out loud and clear
Not missing a syllable dear. 

But let me open my heart and say
that my faith does stumble on the way
I somehow crave after things material
In spite of instructions so critical 

O Vaishnavas I pray of thee
to ask this of the Lord for me
Let me forget His lotus feet never
and advance in the love of Godhead forever.