WHO IS BACK TO GODHEAD meant for? Is it a magazine just for Krsna devotees? Or for a broader Krsna conscious congregation? Or is it for everbody? Or what?

As the editor, here's how I think of it.

First, yes, at the core of our audience we find Krsna's devotees. Since this is a magazine about Krsna, naturally it should inform and enliven Krsna's devotees, those who have fully dedicated their lives to following the path of Krsna consciousness.

And then, surrounding that core, I envision an audience that extends much further, in wider and wider circles.

In our next circle outward comes our broader Krsna conscious community. Here again I mean people who devote themselves to Krsna, perhaps almost fully, perhaps just starting, everyone at his or her own level of spiritual advancement. For this broader congregation, BTG should serve as spiritual food, to keep Krsna consciousness alive and growing, as well as tasty.

In yet another circle, often overlapping the first two, I think of an audience "born into" the Vedic heritage: those raised in the Hindu community, the Hindu religion, or the Hindu way of life.

If you're born Hindu, the spiritual knowledge and culture of the Vedic sages are your natural inheritance. And BTG will give you a deeper understanding of what you've inherited, and how to take advantage of that inheritance to attain the perfection of life.

Add here, too, the Hare Krsna "second generation": those born and brought up in the Hare Krsna movement. For the sons and daughters of Hare Krsna devotees, BTG helps clear the way to the lotus feet of Krsna.

Extending outward one more circle, we find a world of spiritual seekers, people sincerely looking for understanding, for enlightenment, for truth. Some may not even have decided that the truth is spiritual; but whatever the truth may be, they're looking for it.

"Who am I?" they ask. "Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?" For such inquiring souls, thirsty for truth, BTG offers the fresh, pure water of the Vedic knowledge, flowing strong and broad like the timeless river Ganges, and says, "Here, drink deep."

Even people already following a spiritual path will find gifts of eternal value in the pages of BACK TO GODHEAD.

And at last, extending as far as we can go, we come to people who are spiritually asleep. Bewitched by illusion, oblivious of their eternal nature, they have their backs to what's real and are busy chasing shadows. For them, BACK TO GODHEAD issues a call: "Wake up ! Wake up! Don't stay in illusion; come to reality. Don't stay in the darkness; come to the light. Don't stay in the world of birth and death; taste the nectar of eternal existence."

This is what we hope to achieve through BACK TO GODHEAD.

– Jayadvaita Swami