In This Issue we present an extensive article on His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami, who passed away in a car accident in March. An early disciple of Srila Prabhupada, he left a record of extraordinary achievements in the service of Prabhupada's mission. Encouraged by senior members of ISKCON, we advised author Satyaraja Dasa to take as many pages as he needed to honor the memory of this exalted devotee of Lord Krsna. We hope that reading of Tamal Krishna Goswami's example of dedicated service will inspire our readers, just as it has all of us who helped bring the article to print.

Also in this issue, Srila Prabhupada analyzes the three main types of yoga and shows why bhakti is the best. Arcana-siddhi Devi Dasi, a family therapist, writes about depression. Without discrediting modern medicine, she shows how only Krsna consciousness can get to the root of the problem.

ISKCON educator Bhurijana Dasa suggests a way to approach Srila Prabhupada's books that lets them transform us, and Gopiparanadhana Dasa gives us insight into Prabhupada's method of scriptural commentary. Mathuresa Dasa concludes the story of King Prataparudra he started in the last issue. This time, the king fulfills his long-cherished desire for the company of Lord Caitanya.

Hare Krsna.

(Nagaraja Dasa, Editor)

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• To expose the faults of materialism.
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