Egg Plant Puki

1 lb. butter
1 tsp. cumin seed
1 tsp. salt
egg plant
¼ cup turmeric powder
¼ cup water

Melt butter in pan; add cumin seeds. Brown (don't burn). Cut egg plant in wedges, dip into batter made of turmeric powder, salt and water. Cover all sides of egg plant nicely. Then place in pan over medium heat to deep fry each side. Cook until soft all thru. Remove and drain in colander.

Dry Potatoes

Boil potatoes until cooked thru (test with knife). Peel, cut into large pieces and brown in a little butter and cumin seed, with a pinch of turmeric and salt.

Strawberries and Yogurt

Half cup plain yogurt (not skim milk) 4 strawberries cut up into little pieces and 4 teaspoons sugar, mix, serve cold.


(Fried Bread)

Make dough; 3 parts whole wheat flour to 1 part white flour and water as desired. Let stand, then knead to medium soft consistency (15 minutes at least). Make large balls (2-inch diameter) and roll out about 8 inches round so it's nice and thick. Spread top with melted butter and fold in half. Roll out again, spread top with butter again, fold into quarter. Rollout again, then melt enough butter to fry one in a pan (medium low flame). Fry on each side, pressing with spoon turning frequently until it turns reddish. Then it's done.