A devotee must be humble like a blade of grass,
Bend to the Lord's will and no evil will come to pass! 
A devotee, like a tree, must life's offerings tolerate,
With faith and patience and never the Lord berate! 
Anger is a vice unless it has a spiritual goal,
Hanuman set fire to Lanka to please the Lord, it's told! 
Of Krishna's love for them, Radha and the gopis were proud,
He showed them their error, by leaving them in the crowd! 
Material selfishness can destroy your soul,
But spiritual selfishness can make you whole! 
Greed for Krishna consciousness activities is pure,
And will take you back to Godhead for sure! 
Love in this world is perverted and only lust,
Loving Krishna is pure and a spiritual must! 
A devotee attains all good qualities and his eternal position,
When he serves the Lord with love and devotion!