Child Prahlad remembering
Lord Nrisingha is safe
from all harrassment.
No elephant will crush him underfoot,
No snake will bite him,
No fire will burn him.
The blissful sweet boy-devotee
is protected by the soothing rays
of Lord Nrisingha's Lotus Feet.

Maharaj Prahlad may your remembrance
protect me who am at
Krishna's doorstep proclaiming
devotional service in this town of demons.
May your holy sweet smile,
the grace of you surrounded
by the soft light of
fierce Nrisingha-remembrance
guide me also, through
the hazards and riots of
your enemies who care nothing for the Lord.

May I grow to relish
thoughts of Nrisingha's nails
and His dear beauty, His Power
May I take shelter with the half-lion half-man Krishna!

Satsvarupa das Brahmachary (Stephen Guarino)