Lord Narasimha Ugra

My faith is in Your feet and the nails of Your toes, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
Please protect me.

My faith is in Your pillar-like legs and lotus petal-like chest, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
Please direct me.

My faith is in Your arms and Your razor-sharp claws, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
Please destroy my obstacles.

My faith is in Your mane and roaring red mouth, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
Please vanquish my fears.

My faith is in Your gnashing teeth and Your burning golden eyes, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
Please give me strength.

I am confused, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
I place myself beneath Your feet.
Please dispel my confusion.

I am sad, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
I beg You to stamp out my sadness.

I am frightened, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
I beg You to take me into Your lotus hands
and destroy my fears with Your all-powerful claws.

I am in illusion, Lord Nrsimhadeva;
Please let Your glaring effulgence
Destroy my illusions.

My dear Lord Nrsimhadeva, I am afraid;
I depend upon You, I take shelter of You,
Without You I cannot exist.

Let me take shelter under Your feet,
Let Your roar tell me what I should do,
Protect me with Your slashing claws.

Only You can help me.
My faith lies only in You.


Lord Nrsimhadeva is Lord Krsna's ferocious half-man, half-lion incarnation. He appeared to protect the saint Prahlada from Hiranyakasipu, Prahlada's evil father. Although Nrsimhadeva is feared by the demoniac, He is worshiped with love by the faithful devotees. This year, devotees will celebrate the anniversary of Lord Nrsimhadeva's appearance on April 29.

Maharani Dasi is the nineteen-year-old daughter of BTG columnist Hare Krsna Dasi. She attended the Gita Nagari gurukula (school) and is currently a student at The School of Visual Arts in New York City.