Naked I stand before you o Lord!
Bereft of all my possessions,
Prestige, name, fame, Good qualities, glories
Money, knowledge, slickness.

My sores, stigmas, scars, dirt, sickness,
ugliness, stench, slackness And sleaze
Are all open before You.
I am your child o Lord!
But for you I have no shelter,
I came before you and confess my sins.
I beg for your mercy, please accept me.
I have no qualification to seek your shelter.
Yet I come before you shame-faced yet shameless.
Full of hope that you alone can lift me
And restore my soul to its original position
A particle or dust at your lotus feet.

You are the greatest healer
Heal my soul o Lord!
By your divine touch.
By your kind embrace.

Forgive me please And keep me with you.
Let my mind not waver from your service from your lotus feet.
Let it be here next to you. Near you.
My Sweet Lord Thanks you for your shelter