Lovable Krishna

The day I saw  you, I was feeling so blue.
The shine in your eyes,Made me forget my hue.
Every time I wonder,About your voice with a thunder.
That creates a magic in my life with a lot of wonder.

Can I say something about your smile, So attractive, so pure, so versatile.
Can I say something about your dear flute, The threads and their sparkles are so cute.
Shall I dare to say something about your toe, One visible and one not, make my heart to flow

Your evergreen dresses, make my life colorful
The colors get their meaning, when they see you who is even more beautiful.

The peacock feathers on your head, bring life even to the dead.
The  sparkle in your eyes, give stars their way to shine.

The crown on your head, holds you so high.
The shine on your cheeks, makes you fly.

The ring on your fingers, gives song to singers
The beads on your ears, makes you more dear.

The chanting on the beads, gives devotees a way to please
The fasting on Ekadashi each fortnight, makes devotees life bright.

It’s six days now and I have not completely described your beauty,
To be a good devotee is now my only duty.

To admire your beauty, six days are just a remark 
Without Radhaji’s loving heart, It’s only a continuous task.
To explain you without her, makes this poem vacant,
But to understand you completely, is only Radhaji’s talent.

But an effort is still there,
Forgive me Krishna if some mistake is here.   – Neha Jalan