The September '06 BTG was a nice read. However, one question remains about the article on [SKCON Vallabh Vidyanagar, and the answer would have made a fitting denouement to that article: Whatever happened to Fulabhai? He made a great sacrifice; after all, the article states that the boarding house was his only source of income, so it was an act of great faith on his part to donate the building to ISKCON. Did Fulabhai join the temple? Was he forced to become a beggar? 
(Anandamaya Dasa) 
Our Reply: Gaurendu Dasa, the author of the artide, has informed us, "Fulabhai, who was elderly and whose daughters were married, was living alone taking care of the building himself. He requested the devotees to let him stay there in a room until his death. The devotees were more than happy to have the old man with them. He practiced Krsna consciousness, had prasadam every day, and passed away peacefully after some time. Devotees performed his funeral ceremonies. In short, you can say that Fulabhai perfected his death." 
I am very grateful to Radhavallabh Dasa for replying to my earlier letter (July 2006). 
It feels like a shower of nectar when I read Srila Prabhupada's transcendental teachings in Back To Godhead. It is indeed impossible that a saint of the stature of Srila Prabhupada will be born again. His teachings are unparalleled. We read his works with extreme joy. 
I would also request you to publish articles in BTG that point out and highlight the cheating that is being spread by modern scientific theories. Scientists are putting people into illusion by propagating newer theories; this can be stopped only by a magazine like Back To Godhead. 
The only result of the rapid spread of modern science is that this planet is no longer a fit place to live on. And that is why scientists are now turning their heads to the moon or to Mars, so that in case of a huge war or famine etc., they can escape to other planets. 
BTG magazine gives us ancient spiritual knowledge in relation to modern science. It is Srila Prabhupada's eternal voice, his blessing to us. Thank you, 
In your service, 
(Chitra Gautam, Delhi)