Describe one quality of Lord Rama that should be imbibed by Indian politicians.
Lord Sri Rama had many great qualities: He was an ideal son, father, husband, brother, friend and king. Modern Indian politicians are corrupt and demoniac, but if they could adopt even one quality of Rama, then the fate of this country would change. Rama punished His subjects very severely if they would break the rules of land. But at the same time, He had great affection for his subjects (praja). Although He trusted Sita Devi’s chastity, He ordered her to leave the palace when the citizens of Ayodhya suspected her chastity, just to set the example of an ideal king. Such was His sacrifice! I hope and pray that our politicians imbibe this quality of sacrifice for the good of their people and take strong decisions without fearing corrupt opposition members.- Premanjana Das
Our politicians should imbibe the following qualities of Lord Rama:
1. Be strict to the word; don’t deliver empty speeches.
2. Provide genuine care for people; don’t be greedy to tax and exploit them.
3. Be equal to every living being including the animals. Don’t discriminate people on the basis of caste, community, languages, etc.
4. Be an ideal representative of Lord Rama by putting faith in Him. – Sumeet Gawde
Lord Rama had the amazing quality that is hard to find in our modern-day. He loved His subjects, and even His enemies selflessly, irrespective of their social, material and racial positions. After the great battle in Lanka with the king of the demons Ravana, Lord Ramachandra arranged for the final rights of all the various dead warriors.
If our politicians could love their country and its people like their own family and keep their selfish agendas aside, India can solve all its political problems effortlessly. – Kalpesh Jadhav
Lord Rama set an example of great sacrifice. To uphold His father's words, He was ready to forfeit the throne of Ayodhya. He was ready to separate from His beloved family members and loyal subjects and go to the forest in exile for a period of 14 years, unlike today's politician who will stick to their political chairs unless they are forcibly kicked out in the form of death. Even though their legs are dangling over their graves they are not ready to leave their chairs, as they know that their posts are like a kamadhenu cow whose milk  can go on filling their Swiss bank accounts as long as  they hold on to it for dear life. Today's Indian politicians talk bombastic things about Rama-rajya, but internally they are like Ravana waiting to exploit Mother Sita represented by the land of India. Indian politicians should truly become followers of Lord Rama and bring back the prosperity of Mother Earth by stopping cow slaughter. They must conserve nature's resources instead of exploiting it. – Sita Devi Dasi