If you had unlimited money what one thing would you do to spread Krsna consciousness?

Srila Prabhupada

I will produce a magnificent movie directed by Sir Rich ard Attenborough based on Prabhupada Lilamrta in all the world's leading languages. I personally will head the advertisement campaign to see the promotion of the movie. Further I have seen a Bengali movie about the pastimes of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. I will purchase the rights for this movie. I would then ask the ISKCON GBC to watch the movie and find out if it is according to Caitanya caritamrta by Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami. If it is then I would hire the best in the film industry to make it into a 70mm movie. The movie will also include the footage of ISKCON ratha-yatras all over the world accompanied by the best music.
(D. Krishna Murthy,Bangalore)
I am a science teacher and many times my students ask, "What is God? Is it a power, light, or something different? Is God really there?" And most importantly, "Though you are a science teacher, do you really believe in God???"
Therefore, I would like to make Krsna consciousness a compulsory subject in school. This will spread Krsna consciousness even to the far and remote places of our country. If we can have Darwin's theory of evolution in the syllabus, which is really hard to believe, then why not Krsna consciousness which is real truth with concrete proofs all a round us. I am sure by this method we will be getting a whole new generation of Krsna conscious devotees. For starting this new subject, money will help us in printing text books and make proper presentations to influence people in our education system.
(Sangeetha Karankar, Pune)
I will set up a Hare Krsna temple in every town and village. Each temple will have a Govinda's restaurant and at a very low cost everyone can taste prasadam, even the beggars. I will set up special Vedic Expo like the One in ISKCON Delhi to introduce Krsna consciousness to newcomers. There will also be a gurukula to teach Krsna consciousness to the younger generation. I will buy large farms that will supply vegetables and grains so that there is no shortage of prasadam. We will have our own press to print literature. There will be sufficient amount of vehicles so that travelling for preaching is easy.
(PRAVIN, Mumbai)
I would design an educational training program with scholarships for bright devotees from around the globe to attend. There they would be trained in the art of academic and ecumenical dissemination of the spiritual sciences . On completing their training, the devotees would be sent in groups to universities across the globe to study to earn their Ph.D. They would start small rented temples and vegetarian clubs at each university.
The goal would be to positively influence future and current intellectuals by logically explaining spiritual science and bringing the academic opinion closer to a theistic instead of an atheistic one. Reestablishing theistic intelligentsia and having highly trained intelligent Vaisnavas would reshape the world.
(Govinda Brown,Brisbane, Australia)
I would start a school cafeteria catering company to supply schools with healthy vegetarian menus, including baked goods like cookies and bread. I would undercut all mudane competition in price, so that millions of school children could receive the Lord's prasadam. The company would employ devotees especially those from farm communities so that their crops would be supported and supply them trucks to deliver the goods across the nation or region. I would build housing and ovens for the work, so that devotees could live near the temple and be able to support their families. Devotee graphic designers would also be employed to create marketing materials. It would be a stealth project, flooding the nation with krsna's mercy and helping to open hearts and minds to hearing topics of faith.
(Stella Herzig , Davenport, Iowa, USA)
I will, with the help of wise and pious devotees of Lord Krsna, invest the money in establishing a University of epic studies and Sanatana Dharma in Juhu adjacent to ISKCON Temple and establish its branches in all state capitals. Devotees will conduct regular classes on Bhagavad-gita for the benefit of children in respective localities. More than the grownups, the tender minds need the persuasion to learn about the Divine song, Bhagavad gita. It is a shame on the Hindus' part that while children of other religions are taught their respective religious principle and ethos, parents of Hindu children consider that teaching children about hinduism will carry the tag of "communalism". As a result, the children do not know anything about God.
(P.K.V. Menon, Mira Road – Mumbai)