(Cont'd. from Vol. III Part VI)

The Bhagwat Geeta supports such scientific caste system in the following words viz.

Chatur, Varnya, Maya, Sristam, Guna, Karma, Bivagasha, Tasya, Kartaram, Api, Mam Biddhi, Akartaram, Abyayam. (Bg. 4.13)

Sama, Dama, Soucham, Khanti Arjabam Eba, Cha,

Jnanam, Bijnanam, Astikyam, Brahma, Karma, Swabhabajam.

(Bg. 18.42)

Sourjam, Teja, Dhriti, Dahkyam, Juddhe, Cha, Apalayanam,

Danam, Jswarabham, Cha, Khatra, Karma, Swabhabajam.

(Bg. 18.43).

Krishi, Gorakshya, Banijyam, Vaishya, Karma, Swabhabajam, Paricharyya, Atmakam, Karma, Sudrasya, Api, Swabhabajam.

(Bg. 18.44)

There are three modes of Nature current all over the world and they are called the mode of goodness, the mode of passion and the mode of ignorance. And every man or every animal is under the influence of either of the above mentioned three modes of Nature. As such it is mistake to calculate that the modes of Nature are working within the boundaries of India only but it is quite reasonable that such natural laws are working in other parts of the world. In the human society there are undoubtedly men of such different qualities namely men under the influence of the mode of goodness called the qualified Brahmins, those who are in the mode of passion called the Kshatriyas, those who are under the influence of the mode of passion cum ignorance are called the Vaisyas and last of all, men under the influence of the mode of ignorance are called the Sudras. The mode of ignorance as it goes down by degrees it produces men of such qualities as are called Javana, Mlechhas, Kirats, Huns, Andhras, Pulindas, Pukkasas, Aviras, Sumbhas, Khasadayas etc. and there are four lakh kinds of men all over the universe. From Geeta Nagari this universal Truth must be propagated systematically so that real human society may be reestablished for the benefit of all, dividing men according to natural mode by such approved processes as are called practical psychology or anything else. Such social order all over the world will be known as the Institution of quality caste system and every human being will have the right to qualify himself by education and culture to enter into the higher status of life in the same manner as the varsity of different states offers the facility to anyone. Casteless society will never allow of course to place on the same category a High Court judge and a labourer of the mill unless such society has gone into madness. On the contrary by establishment of such casteless society as it is said in the Bhagwat Geeta nobody will be grudging if anyone is recognised as qualified Brahmin on his merit only. Such casteless society is reasonable and acceptable.

E. The Geeta Nagari may properly utilise the huge fund collected to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi in the manner as above mentioned in four principal heads because Gandhi's memory can only be preserved by his exemplary activities and not by simply erecting some big buildings or statues as we see the general tendency. The Bhagwat Geeta asks every big man perfect his life with the teachings of Bhagwat Geeta and then set himself as an example for the benefit of the people in general. It is said there Jat, Jat, Acharati, Shrestha, Sat, Tat, Eba, Itarey, Jana, Sa, Jat, Pramanam, Kurute, Loka, Tat, Anubartate.

It is foolish to follow the proverbial principle of putting a cart before a horse or putting old wine into new bottle. It shall be the duty of Geeta Nagari to agitate against the Gandhi Memorial Fund being utilised otherwise than in the manner befitting the teachings of Bhagwat Geeta and as approved by Mahatma Gandhi.

(To be continued)