Holy Dham

Gaya dham is located in indian state of Bihar 

Narada Muni narration to Sanatkumar . (Gaya Mahatmyam  – Agni Puran) 

Brahmaji once while engaging in activities of creation created a personality named Gayasur.Gayasur went on to perform severe penance on the mountain Kolahal. Indra became afraid of losing his position. So he along with all demigods approached Lord Brahma for help.Brahma unable to decide,sought the advice of Lord Shiva. Under the guidance of Lord Shiva – All demigods including Lord Brahma & Shiva went to Lord Vishnu for help.

Lord Vishnu being pleased with the prayers offered by demigods agreed to help them. He told all to go the place where Gayasur is performing Tapasya.Lord Vishnu then riding on the Garuda reached mountain Kolahal.Touching his Conchshell on Gayasur’s head ,Lord Vishnu requested him to ask for some boon.

Gaya asked for an unique boon that whoever touches him (No matter he belongs to any caste or race or whether he is qualified for or not) will get immediately purified & achieve liberation in this very life. Lord Vishnu granted him the boon & thus stopped him from doing further tapasya.

As Indra’s problem got solved, it was Yamaraj who was put in to problem due to this boon.

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