Every Town and Village

ISKCON Represents Hindus in Belgian Religious Council

Radhadesh, Belgium: Hrdaya-caitanya Dasa, temple president of ISKCON Radhadesh was elected to represent the Hindus of Belgium at the formal inauguration of the Belgian Council of Religious Leaders (BCRL). ISKCON also catered for the event, which was held at the Belgian Parliament in Brussels and attended by about 120 guests including some major leaders of Belgian society.

Srila Prabhupada in Kumbha-mela

Every Town and Village

Vrindavana, UP: The murti of  Srila Prabhupada was carried in a grand procession by devotees in the Vrindavana Kumbha-mela.

ISKCON’s procession  was preceded by 21 flag bearers and many devotees engaging in kirtana. As they moved through the streets of Vrindavana, locals threw flower petals on the devotees, offered them garlands, and danced along with the chanting.

Worldwide Ratha-yatra celebrations

Miami, Florida: A four-day festival including Ratha-yatra celebrations was held in Coconut Grove.  Separate carts for Lord Jagannatha, Subhadra and Baladeva, adorned with swans and lotus flowers, came down the street carrying Their Lordships.

Mumbai: On January 29, ISKCON Juhu celebrated its 30th annual Jagannath Ratha-yatra festival. The Ratha-yatra festival was inaugurated by Ashokbhau Jadhav, the local state legislator, and Sri Dilip Patel, the chairman of the Mumbai transit authority.

Every Town and Village

 Six Continents Join in Global Prayer for the Yamuna River

January 30: As urban developers threaten to destroy the rich culture and heritage of Vrindavana, devotees around the world united in a globe-encompassing kirtana to pray for the future of Vrindavana  and the sacred Yamuna River.

By Kancana-vali Dasi, Madhava Smullen, Dina Bandhu Dasa, Paradise Afshar, and Basu Ghosa  Dasa.