Your short letter of protest to the British government could save the day!

The long battle to keep Bhaktivedanta Manor, near London, open for public worship is now in its final and most crucial phase.

Devotees and members of the Hindu community have campaigned for the last eight years to secure worship at this holy shrine. The case is now before the British government. In the next few months, the government is expected to issue its decision on the future of the temple.

The Council of the Borough of Hertsmere has banned public worship at the Manor. The worshipers, they say, bring traffic that upsets the peaceful life of the local village.

To meet the concerns of the villagers and still keep the shrine open for worship, the devotees of the Manor have offered to build a new access drive. With the new drive, temple traffic would bypass the village entirely. The Council's own officials have concluded that this would solve the problem. Yet the Council has rejected the proposal.

Thus the Manor has lodged an appeal with the British government. The decision on that appeal will soon be made by the Secretary of State for the Environment.

We are asking for nothing new. No new buildings, no extensions, no extra activities. All we are asking is to continue the same worship and observe the same religious festival days we have observed for the last twenty-one years. Worshipers should be free to come pray.

You can assist in this campaign to keep freedom of worship at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Please ACT NOW! Write a letter today, asking the Secretary of State for the Environment to keep Bhaktivedanta Manor open for public worship.

Send your letters to:

John Gummer, MP
Secretary of State for the Environment
Department of Environment
2 Marsham Street
London SW1, UK