His Divine
Grace A.C.
Swami Prabhupada
Has saved us
Who fell
From the darkness
Of hell.
Gave us life,
Sang of God
In the strife
With a voice
Filled with love,
Brought a choice
From above
In a song
Full of bliss,
Singing long
For the kiss
Of our sweet
Loving Lord.
Touch his feet,
Climb aboard,
Dance and sing,
Chant the name,
Hear it ring
In the sky!
Serve forever,
Never die.

O I am poor of heart;
A wandering beggar, I,
Bereft of common sense,
Do cheat and steal and lie.

My evil thoughts and deeds
Swarm like angry flies,
Lay their sticky eggs
Upon my mind, then die.

But though I wander lost
And full deserve my fate,
You've come to pay the cost
Before it is too late.

Dear Prabhupada, you bring
Sweet music to my life.
Who else but you can sing
Amidst the death and strife?

Who else can show the way,
Lead me from the night?
Your golden moonlike ray
Has given back my sight.

Your voice is filled with love
It stirs my sleeping soul.
Your singing fills the night
Within this wretched hole.

So I am Yours eternally,
I, trembling, hold your hand;
I'll serve you all my life.
With love we'll leave this land